Get involved

If you like what the Brick Alliance is doing then there’s lots of ways you can be involved.

Community Challenge – Polybag Project 2022

We’re currently running a community building challenge around polybags – check out the Polybag Project 2022 page for the details!

Board and advisory membership

If you have the time to drive forward our mission then you can consider joining the Alliance as a board or advisory member. You can read more about board or advisory membership and if you’re interested you can register your interest for board or advisory membership. We will review your application to ensure your would be a good fit for our group. We aim to review your application in 10 business days and will contact you with the outcome via the contact email you submit.

Please note, while currently most of our board and advisory members are leaders of communities, this is not required to get involved in the Brick Alliance.

Supportive membership

If you can’t consistently commit to being a board or advisory member then you can become a supportive member and help out on projects you’re interested in. You will be added to a mailing list and contacted when we are setting up a new project to ask if you’re interested in contributing. Anyone can become a supportive member with no approval required. You can read more about supportive membership and you can register your interest for supportive membership.


If you just want to watch our story unfold you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter for project updates, round-ups of D&I news in the LEGO community and new articles alerts. Notably, supportive members intend on assisting occasionally with projects or writing articles, while followers do not.

Subscribe to the newsletter and check out our social media accounts below:


Facebook group

We also have a Facebook group set up called Brick Alliance Community that we encourage you to join. It’s purpose is to start open discussions and conversations about diversity, inclusion and representation topics within the LEGO community or that affect LEGO products. It is the perfect way for you to have a dialogue with all of our members, especially the board and advisory members, so we can ensure we are addressing the issues most important to you.

If you have any questions about getting involved please get in touch with us via the Contact page.

We look forward to working with you to rebuild the LEGO community into a more diverse, inclusive and welcoming space for all.

Finally, we are always looking to improve our website to be more accessible, useful and overall just better. If you have the time, we’d appreciate you filling in our feedback form or please see our Contact page where you can send in feedback.